Episode 18: The WELL Accreditation Process with a WELL AP
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EGD In 2016: The Community-Driven “Culture Club”

Through strategic and well-executed environmental graphic design, companies can represent and redefine corporate culture and that of their staff. Across a vast majority of IA’s environmental graphic design (EGD) in 2015, there was a resounding theme: An office should be personalized – not just with the identity of the company, but with the identity of … Continued

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Project Files: Sudler & Hennessy

IA designs a flexible, sleek workplace that draws from the history of one of the world’s top communications and advertising agencies. When Sudler & Hennessy contracted IA to design its New York office, the firm entered into an agreement to work withthe global creative agency credited with designing the original NBC peacock logo and giving … Continued