Healthcare in 2018: The Consumer-Driven Patient
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The Growing Demand for Franchised Healthcare

WHY BRANDING AND DESIGN ARE PARAMOUNT TO THE GROWTH OF URGENT CARE CLINICS. Urgent care clinics and similar healthcare delivery models scattered throughout the country  number nearly 10,000 and perform care to roughly 160 million patients yearly. Similarities between these clinics and retail and restaurant franchise chains are numerous. Accessibility to customers, consistency in care and … Continued

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Patient-Centered Design is Changing the Perception of Healthcare

CAREGIVERS RECOGNIZE THE POWER OF DESIGN TO REDUCE STRESS AND AID HEALING. Healthcare facilities, for years stale and sterile, are now taking a fresh and warm approach to design. Today’s caregivers acknowledge patient satisfaction and convenience as contributors to healing, which has lead to an understanding that design is a means to change the perception … Continued