Episode 8: An International Design Education

Hyderabad, India. Photo by Kim Parsley.
Hyderabad, India. Photo by Kim Parsley.

Chicago native Ali Siddique discusses his education outside of the U.S., working in the Windy City, and some of the cultural differences that can be both challenging and advantageous.

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The evolution of architecture as a business

Architectural practices aren’t just firms anymore; they’re companies with a brand to nurture.

Globalization and television

The growth of technology has fueled a cultural sea change in India, Siddique says.

Professional development

Value usually relates to respect. People move a lot in our industry yet IA has retained its younger talent, Siddique observes. We learn things here, we evolve here, and the firm is changing. It’s changing to accommodate what we want, and it’s giving us things that we didn’t know that we wanted.

A Cultural Fit

As a millennial aligning yourself behind a company with leadership that you connect with is incredibly comforting, he says. This is such a large field but [here] you feel like you’re behind the right person and you’re learning the right things.

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