Episode 15: Architectural Lighting and Interiors

MGM in Los Angeles. Photo by Eric Laignel.

IA’s architectural lighting practice leader Gary Bouthillette discusses the importance of concept and exceptional performance with radioIA host Russell Manthy.

PrintThere’s good lighting and there’s great lighting.

Good lighting is easy; you meet basic requirements for visual comfort. When lighting is done right, it’s less noticeable. When lighting design is great, it doesn’t stand out but the architecture does. Highlighting architecture can really illustrate a great level of lighting design.

The new lighting era is the controls era.

It’s not so much about the fixture and equipment; now it’s about control in a more interesting manner. Intelligent lighting control systems are becoming more accessible, and providing lighting that interacts with people as they use their spaces.

Clients are asking for office lighting that mimics circadian rhythms.

Color temperatures that shift from very warm in the morning, to cooler around noon time, then taper back to warmer temperatures around sunset, match those natural patterns. Those cooler temps tend to wake us up, but you don’t want to blast people with blue light all day: We definitely don’t want that to be part of your 7 pm lighting scheme.

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