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Best Places To Sleep in the Office

to nap or not … here are Five unique and inviting spaces to catch some shut-eye.
Hubspot in Cambridge, MA. Photo by Robert Benson.

This hammock-clad retreat at Hubspot’s Cambridge headquarters offers employees a breezy environment to take the mind off that dreaded Monday morning conference call.

Tresata Charlotte . IA Interior Architects Charlotte
Tresata in Charlotte, NC. Photo by Monica Slaney.

One of three ‘Founders’ rooms at Tresata’s headquarters in Charlotte, this space appears ideal for heads-down work, as well as the occasional mid-afternoon doze in a suspended wicker basket.

Statoil Headquarters in Houston, TX. Photo by Eric Laignel.

Taking up a majority of this break space at Statoil’s Houston headquarters, this splendid L-shaped sofa (complete with copious amounts of natural light) invites weary workers in to hit pause on the workday.


Confidential Financial Client in McLean, VA. Photo by Thomas McConnell.
Confidential Financial Client

No better, or more comfortable, locale than a pillow-filled nook nestled just a few feet away from the demands of the office at this confidential financial client’s workspace.


Sapient in Toronto, CA. Photo by Tom Arban.

Besides the quixotic view of the Toronto skyline, this space at SapientNitro’s Toronto office has all the ingredients for a quick pick-me-up nap: comfy couches, warm earth tones, and even a screen to help guide one off to sleep before powering through the rest of the workday.


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