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a sample of the most unique adaptive reuse projects  our teams have tackled.
Photo © Eric Laignel.
Photo © Eric Laignel.

Every building has a story to tell. And over time, a building may end up having a second and third (or sometimes a fourth) act throughout its useful lifespan. Purpose-built and designed to achieve unique client needs, here are 6 projects that showcase the many lives of a building:

Western institutional review board (wirb)

IA helped WIRB consolidate staff into a single site. The result was the transformation of a former industrial plant with the design of a research facility.

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Bumble bee foods

Relocated to the historic Showley Brother’s Candy Factory building near PETCO Park, IA created a space that preserves and showcases the historic structure while reflecting the Bumble Bee brand throughout.

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IA turned a decommissioned airport terminal at Springfield Branson National Airport into a regional operations center and brand statement for this travel industry icon.

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Sapientnitro – Miami

Transforming a raw parking structure and several former retail bays into a clean envelope, this award-winning space reflects the local brand and culture and helps foster creative energy.

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california institute of technology

IA helped in the restoration and preservation of the Robinson Astrophysics Lab at Cal Tech’s campus in Pasadena. The result: the first laboratory in a historic building to be certified LEED platinum in the nation.

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Sapientnitro – santa monica

Celebrating light and raw authenticity of the previous warehouse space, IA’s design of SapientNitro’s Sanat Monica office allows creative teams to thrive inside of a truly adaptable indoor and outdoor work environment.

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