Episode 12: City Scene in Miami

Miami skyline. Photo by Matthew Paulson/Flickr Creative Commons.
Miami skyline. Photo by Matthew Paulson/Flickr Creative Commons.

radioIA kicks off a new series exploring the unique culture and characteristics of the cities where the firm has its offices, beginning in the Magic City.

PrintOn Miami’s unique design style:

Most people think of Art Deco, but what’s more authentic to Miami is MiMo, or Miami Modernism. Developed in post-war South Florida, it’s a take-off from the international style. MiMo is fun, uses lots of texture and materiality, lots of glamour.

On Miami as an international destination:

As designers we look at history, and because of this modernist movement, the city is considered a global destination. People want to live here, and we have lots of investors coming to Miami from Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, who are looking for tropical and luxurious settings that are diverse. Clients want spaces that relate to that young, chic, professional culture, with an aesthetic that is high end but still laid back that relates to all those generations and cultures.

On the coolest cultural attractions in the city:

Miami has changed a lot recently. The Miami City Ballet is highly regarded; we have the new Perez Art Museum and the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens that was built in early 1900s; the New World Symphony that performs in a Gehry building; and now we have Art Basel. There’s always something going on in Miami!

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