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Reflecting On My Time as IIDA New York’s 2016-2017 President

WE follow up with IA senior designer Ginger gilden on her experience.
IA Senior Designer Ginger Gilden, IIDA, CID, NCIDQ. Photo courtesy of Ginger.


Read our Q&A with Ginger at the start of her term.

Congrats on your past year of iida ny chapter presidency! what IIDA accomplishment(s) are you most proud of during your term?

There is a lot we were able to accomplish: developing a new brand and website, increasing our presence by attracting new sponsors, working closer with other architecture and design organizations, including the AIA and ASID. What I am most proud of, though, is how we stood out within the NYC community and IIDA in general. The volunteers that make up our board and committees dedicate their time and efforts for the betterment of the industry, and I am honored to have worked with and represented all of them.

Photo courtesy of Ginger Golden.
what were your biggest surprises from your tenure?

The swell of support I received from the board as well as past presidents. I knew they would be helpful, but it was moving how many of them reached out to me personally. There is a very impressive list of past presidents, and I am now excited to have my name added to that list.

what was your favorite iida ny event from this past year?

All of the committees did a wonderful job so this  is a really tough one to answer. Our annual Color Invasion, which benefits student activities and Design Award programs, was another hit and highly attended.  As a member of the Leaders Breakfast Committee, I am probably obligated to promote the Leaders Breakfast as my favorite event.  This year’s breakfast hit the ball out of the park with speaker Judith Jamison’s remarkable words.

2017 IIDA Quilt Auction_IA Team
IA’s design team for the 2017 IIDA Quilt Auction. Photo courtesy of Ginger Golden.
what do you feel were your biggest successes during your term?

Creating added visibility for the design industry by bringing in more sponsors. Equally as important was working with City Centers to coordinate their role within our chapter.

WHAT is the most important advice you could give the next president?

Avoid working in a vacuum and rely on the tremendous support system that IIDA provides when you need it.  I tried to attend every event, support all of the committees and volunteers, and I always felt guilty if I couldn’t make it. So, I learned it is best to divide and conquer when you can’t be everywhere at once.

Photo courtesy of Ginger Golden.
WHAt’s next for you and your role/relationship with iida?

I’d like to take over the world! No, seriously, I plan to stay on the board as the Vice President of Sponsorship, which keeps me in touch with our supporters in the New York area. I also plan to provide support in the role of an advisor; similar to how my predecessor, Katie Michael-Battaglia, monumentally helped me as I transitioned into the role.

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