Episode 27: Contract Administration Phase of a Design Project

Confidential Client. Photo © IA Interior Architects.
Confidential Client. Photo © IA Interior Architects.

Project Manager Carlos Gutierrez discusses the fourth and final phase in our design project series.

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ia-radio_logo-ia-interior-architects-27-300x300Show Notes

Construction administration is the realization phase of the design process. As the project is being physically built, we help ensure that what’s on the drawings ends up built in the field.

Construction is messy, and there’s sometimes hundreds of tradespeople on one site. There’s lots of documentation on behalf of the contractor, client, engineers, and trades.

We see in our world and our client’s world that technology is changing how things are done. We have the privilege of working with great contractors: I have a lot of respect for them and the work they do. There’s not a lot of room for mistakes. We see lots of contractors using BIM, which allows us to turn over a model instead of a singular set of drawings that they can take off from. The difference between a model and a set of drawings? One is legally binding and the other is not.

As architects, we’re coming up with better communication tools to transmit ideas, and work with contractors. They help bring our ideas to life, and we view them as partners. Our vendors, contractors—everyone is a partner. With this approach, the work and outcome for our clients is better.