EGD In 2016: The Community-Driven “Culture Club”

Through strategic and well-executed environmental graphic design, companies can represent and redefine corporate culture and that of their staff.

Across a vast majority of IA’s environmental graphic design (EGD) in 2015, there was a resounding theme: An office should be personalized – not just with the identity of the company, but with the identity of everyone who works there. We predict a continued emphasis on the representation of corporate culture, personalized by the resident workforce, throughout 2016.

In IA’s 2016 Preview Survey, 75 percent of survey respondents agreed that their current work environment is reflective of the company culture, and 72 percent agree that their values and interests are reflected somewhere in their office. Reported preferences of the latest generation to enter the work force, millennials, represents a desire to work for a company that aligns with personal values, as well as a shift in the approach employers are taking towards staff. The immediate future of EGD in corporate interiors will reflect touchpoints and milestones by guiding employees and companies towards the desired culture versus the current culture.