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Episode 3: Environmental Graphics, Branding, and Interior Architecture

Environmental graphics in Red Hat's Raleigh, North Carolina headquarters. Photo by Eric Laignel.
Environmental graphics in Red Hat’s Raleigh, North Carolina headquarters. Photo by Eric Laignel.

Julie Maggos, IA’s director of environmental graphic design talks about some of the exciting ways environmental graphic design supports branding of the work environment and interior architecture in innovative and different ways.

Print Julie Maggos, director of environmental graphics for IA, oversees the discipline, also known as experiential graphic design, that integrates a story narrative with the built environment to create a memorable experience. Clients increasingly leverage EGD features to support, and in some case develop, an organization’s brand and IA uses a range of materials–from coffee beans to crayons–to help tell their story. Sometimes, we even get to carve it in stone.



As IA’s Director of Environmental Graphics, Julie Maggos is lucky toJulie_skydiving dive deep into different client brand stories every day.  She has recently reconnected with her sketchbook and is attempting to produce a sketch a day for 2016.  Cooking and baking are other creative outlets for her, which she likes to share with her husband Ben and her one-year-old son Andy.


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