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Episode 30: City Scene in Portland

IA's Portland office. Photo by Christian Columbres.
IA’s Portland office. Photo by Christian Columbres.

IA Designer and Portland native Nicole Bekken, shares insider highlights of Oregon’s Bridgetown.

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PrintWhat makes Portland so great? The mountains are one hour east, the beach is one hour west, and wine country is one hour south. And there are coffee shops in every pocket of the city.

The city is more authentic than Portlandia portrays—but you will wait two hours if you try to go the Screen Door for brunch on Saturday.

The food cart scene has become pretty big. Every quadrant has their own pack, where they set up dining areas and beer gardens. Every different type of food is represented, and everyone can eat from the country of their choice. They’re semi-permanent: You should follow them on twitter to see where they’re going.

Another big thing that happens here on the first Thursday of the month is a gallery walk in the Pearl District. This is in the inner section of the northwest quadrant and our IA office usually participates, too. We feature local makers and artists from around the city.

If you haven’t been to Portland, you should put it on your list.

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