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Episode 31: The Strategy Behind a Workplace Strategy

IA Principal and Director of Workplace Strategy Tish Kruse explores some of the current themes in workplace planning.

Spirit Realty Capital in Dallas. Photo by Thomas McConnell.
Spirit Realty Capital in Dallas. Photo by Thomas McConnell.


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Trends in workplace planning can provide legs for clients. With inclusive design exploration being more prevalent than ever, updating processes and approaches, changing management, shifting the delivery process, and using data for decision-making can be a game changer.

Data, The Fire Hose. Data gives context to compare pros and cons and benefits and risks that we, as architects and designers, can provide to a client. Additionally, data gathering can provide proof that change will make a difference, especially when it comes to communicating why decisions are being made.

There’s always a strategy behind a strategy. Sometimes when you gather data, the results aren’t what you expected them to be. For example, we tracked occupancy for a client and found that they had 85 percent utilization. This finding ultimately helped influence strong strategy development and the client’s organizational workflow.

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