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Episode 32: Repositioning Malls

Shopping mall. Photo by Corinne Glaziou

IA Project Director Don Porter highlights the challenges and opportunities that come with transforming shopping malls into high-performance workplaces.

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Make underperforming and vacant properties great again. There are a lot of vacant properties in Charlotte and other cities that need a creative new life. In addition to a massive amount of space to play with, clients, architects, and designers have the chance to “go green” and give these properties that may otherwise be torn down a breath of new life.

Design challenges hinge on the buildings themselves. IA is currently working on transforming a mostly-vacant strip mall into an office space. And while it’s challenging to create an office space within a building that has little glass and minimal power sources, there are opportunities in the building’s high ceilings and large floor plans.

Quest for creativity. Architects and designers used to focus on function and what the property can sustain, but now the focus has shifted to what will attract people to want to work, play, and be in a property. This creative shift is one of the most exciting parts about adaptive reuse.


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