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Episode 33: “Price of Business” Hosts radioIA’s Russell Manthy

Big Fish Games in Oakland, California. Photo by Sherman Takata

radioIA host and IA Principal Russell Manthy speaks with Price of Business radio show host William Edmundson to outline the economic factors affecting your workplace square footage.

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Understanding your office space is a lot like playing golf; there’s a lot of subtlety to it and there’s a lot that goes into it to do it well.

In commercial real estate, there are two main types of square feet: usable square feet and rentable square feet. Usable square feet is everything inside your office suite, and rentable square feet is everything that you pay rent on, including the building’s common spaces and corridors.

Current workspaces focus a lot more on “we” space than “me” space.  In today’s workplace, individual workspaces are getting smaller and shared workplaces, such as casual meeting areas, lounge areas, cafes, and social zones, are getting larger. This is partially due to team-based education, which is driving the workplace of the future.

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