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Episode 39: IA’s Website Reimagined

IA Principal and Director of Global Marketing Katrina Reid shares what went into the redesign of IA’s website.

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IA’s new website conveys a strong sense of IA’s culture and brand and provides information on the architecture and interior design industry and how workplace can affect our day-to-day lives.

When you’re looking for consultants for a website redesign, align yourself with a design firm that has similar design sensibilities as you and embraces your goals as their own.

IA’s website stands out from competitors’ websites because it focuses more on the staff at IA who help make workplaces dynamic than it does on project work.

One of the most exciting features about IA’s new website is the informative videos that highlight IA’s project process, creative inspiration, and the culture at each of IA’s 19 offices.

Having a small task force helped IA make large milestones in a timely manner. If you have too large of a group, it can be hard to nail down goals and meet them in a reasonable time period.

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