Episode 72: My Favorite Project — Jet.com

Episode 72_main image
Brie Samyn, left, and Jet.com in Hoboken, NJ, right. Photo by Eric Laignel.

Starting a new series that puts a spotlight on projects our employees have enjoyed working on the most, IA Intermediate Designer Brie Samyn describes what she learned working on Jet.com’s headquarters in New Jersey. 

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radioIA_Icon_Episode72 Episode Highlights:

Jet.com was one of the first projects in which Brie acted as the lead designer.

The design concept took inspiration from the nature of the business and raw packaging materials that Jet’s items arrive in.

Brie has found many of the construction elements from this project have been beneficial in approaching other projects.

Read our blog post about Jet.com to learn more about the project and see additional photos of the space.