Episode 76: Sparking Future Innovation at IA

Photo courtesy of IA.
Photo courtesy of IA.

Continuous improvement and innovation are catalysts for changes that have an impact on everything we do. At times, innovation manifests itself in the day-to-day work we are already performing. This year, IA developed its inaugural Design Innovation Awards to spotlight the innovative work being done across the firm.  After announcing the winners this Fall, those winning project teams gathered for an Innovation Summit in San Francisco to reflect on lessons learned and share their experiences.

In this episode, we speak to Tate Stiles, a designer from our Seattle office, to discuss the innovative project he was a part of and his experience at the Summit.

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Episode Notes:

Tate and his winning project team developed a ‘think tank’ for a large account to think outside the box.

A program and design rethink for the client’s campus resulted from this think tank. 

The new approach materialized within weeks after strong interest from the client.