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Episode 79: City Scene in London

Left, Emily Fiddes and Right, Robert Atkinson. Photos courtesy of IA.
Left, Emily Fiddes and Right, Robert Atkinson. Photos courtesy of IA.

From the city of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, IA Designers Emily Fiddes and Robert Atkinson share their experiences on living and working in London.

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According to Fiddes and Atkinson, stereotypes popularized by pop culture, movies, and TV fail to portray an important aspect of living in London: it is a city made up of smaller pockets or communities that are all slightly different.

Culturally, Fiddes and Atkinson both agree that more and more entertainment and retail destinations are beginning to offer experiential interactions, providing more than just places of transactions.

Atkinson has observed that the visual identity of London has changed dramatically since he has taken up residence, including repurposed building such as a former turbine hall that became an emporium of modern art.

The most “London” thing: quotes and sayings that change daily which are found on boards adjacent to Tube stations (London’s underground metro for those across the pond). They offer a cheery change of pace during the day.

See what the London office is like by watching this video.



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