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IA Announces Launch of New Website

Get ready to immerse yourself in IA’s culture, vision, and commitment to elevating the practice of interior design and architecture.


We are excited to announce the launch of the new IA Interior Architects website!

Reflecting the firm’s dynamic vision, work, culture and values, the site’s new format and structure is designed for ease of use and navigation, making for an impactful visitor experience.

Here you will learn more about our company, founded in 1984 with the belief that the industry needed a practice exclusively dedicated to interior design and architecture.

IA has 19 offices and over 64 Global Alliance Partner firms dedicated to interior architecture and design. The website features videos from all parts of the firm. The new site emphasizes IA’s unique approach of providing integrated services and reveals how IA advances the field through innovation and research by building on smart, highly creative solutions that embody our clients’ business, culture and brand.

IA Interior Architects Website Pages

Foundationally, IA’s service offerings have been design driven. More recently, we’ve integrated other service lines such as experiential graphic design, branding, workplace strategy, lighting design and design technology to bring a high level of innovation that’s transformed not only the workplace but also related markets, namely, retail, healthcare, and hospitality, all of which we’ve successfully expanded into.

As our new site demonstrates, IA is always evolving, and we continually anticipate and facilitate the future of our industry. We are excited for what the future holds for us at IA, as we value agility and pride ourselves on being a nimble organization.

We hope you will come visit our new website, and return again and again, to gain insight into our unique philosophy, methodology, and expertise, and to tour some of the visionary spaces and technologies we have brought to life.

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