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Some of the Parts: Prison Architecture, Public Art, and Selfies

Image by Peter Allen.
Photo by Peter Allen.

As part of an ongoing series, IA’s associates share their diverse interests and experiences outside the world of interior architecture. 

“I have a real interest in prison architecture, and have worked on several U.S. facilities. This week, I finally get to check Alcatraz (pictured above) off my bucket list!”

Photo by John Georgiou.
Photo by John Georgiou.

“I am a certified kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do instructor, and currently hold a third degree black belt. I’m still very active in my local boxing and MMA circles.”

Photo IA Interior Architects.

“I designed the second largest work of public art on The University of North Texas’ campus in front of the Denton Wesley Foundation.”

Photos IA Interior Architects.

“After sightseeing for a day at Angkor Wat, I was invited by a local family to have dinner at their hut overlooking the old palace. It was the most memorable and touching part of my trip to Cambodia.”

Image courtesy IA Interior Architects.
Photo IA Interior Architects.

“This is my first selfie that I took in London, one month ago. I’ve since learned that my smart phone’s camera has an inversion feature so I don’t have to gamble with accuracy in the frame.”

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