Surviving the RetailPocalypse


Stories about store closings seem to make a daily appearance on the national news; long-established retail chains announce plans to shutter stores and in doing so, put thousands of employees out of work. Despite dire forecasts, there is ample reporting that the retail industry is, by many indications, not only surviving but evolving along the way.

IA’s Global Director of Client Services for the Finance and Retail Industries, Ray Ehscheid, debunks the popular myth that the retail industry is dying and provides 3 key guidelines for retailers on how to respond to the rapidly changing consumer demands and expectations of the modern day shopping experience.

Discover more from IA’s retail practice by looking back at our 2017 preview of the retail industry find out which trends and observations we predicted will have a significant impact on the industry and our clients.


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More great IA Thought Leadership from IA's Ray Ehscheid on the future of retail. 

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