Epsiode 2: The Pros and Cons of Building Repositioning


Brian Koshley and Lisa Kelly from IA’s Orange County office discuss the challenges and opportunities around reimagining existing buildings in new and innovative ways.

PrintWhat are some advantages of building repositioning versus new construction?

Building repositioning is an economical, time-saving, and earth-friendly way to open an office building.

What are some of the challenges these older buildings present?

In the Southern California region, outdoor space–originally designed for viewing–is being reactivated as company-wide event lawns, and community space for food trucks and markets. “The blurring of work and play makes for a richer environment,” says Lisa Kelly, AIA, principal and design director in Orange County, California.

How do you start a repositioning project?

“We want clients to see what the property could become,” says Brian Koshley, managing principal of the Orange County office.