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Top Fitness Centers in the Workplace

As we embark on setting annual resolutions, here are  a few of our favorite gyms and fitness centers from around the workplace.
Photo © Thomas McConnell.
Photo © Thomas McConnell.
confidential client

A wide swath of people will set resolutions this time of year to spend more time in the gym. Sometimes it is never more convenient than to fit in a workout while at the office. Everything needed (including a spectacular view of downtown Houston) to break a sweat can be found at this confidential client’s fitness center.

Twitter in London. Photo © Hufton + Crow.
Twitter london

Taking time to stretch before, during or after work can help alleviate any stress built up from the day. At Twitter’s offices in London, workers can grab a mat and practice their favorite yoga exercises.

Photo © Frank Ooms.
Confidential client

Workouts don’t always lack the fun and excitement we get from recreational games. At this confidential client’s fitness center, workers with a little free time can grab some shoes and hit the lanes for a game or two of bowling.

Scotiabank Digital Factory in Toronto. Photo © doublespace.
Scotiabank digital factory

In some cases, having a workout partner can help keep you on track. In Toronto, there is plenty of space at Scotiabank Digital Factory’s fitness room for a group of workers to practice some favorite stretches.

LinkedIn in San Francisco. Photo © Eric Laignel.
LinkedIn in San Francisco. Photo © Eric Laignel.
Linkedin – san francisco

One of the more complete fitness centers you’ll see, employees at LinkedIn’s San Francisco headquarters can take a break during the workday to lift weights or pretty much any other exercise you can think of.

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