Workplace Design: Integrating the Logo

A logo symbolizes an enterprise’s identity; it stands for the brand and all that it promises. As designers and interior architects, incorporating a client’s logo into a workplace design can be done in many ways, some subtle, others highly creative or quite pronounced. Here are a few examples. 

At Bacardi in Barcelona, the signature bat makes many appearances.

Wall with woman and the bat.

Bacardi, Barcelona. Photo © Jose F. Parreno.

For Twitter in London, the typesetter’s art distinctively renders the logo.

Wall with Twitter bird logo, reception desk beyond.

Twitter, London. Photo © Hufton +Crow.

The mobile above the stairs forms the logo when the air currents are just right for a confidential client.

Stair with mobile.

Confidential client, Arlington, VA. Photo © Thomas McConnell

The CNA logo slants 70 degrees from vertical; so does the crisscross pattern on the screening element and other design features throughout the headquarters.

CNA Headquarters, Chicago, Photo © Tom Harris.

Oversized, inverted, and abstracted, the Jet logo boldly embellishes the walls.

Kitchen wall with huge Jet logo.

Jet, Salt Lake City, Utah. Photo © Frank Ooms.


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"We create a plethora of opportunities for integrating our client’s logo into the workplace design - check out a few of our favorite examples."

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